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Modules for construction companies

Building materials

What materials can we order

Suppliers can upload catalogue items. Procurement can then confirm which of these items can be ordered.

Call-off to the construction site

When do we want the materials

Contractors can call off building materials from suppliers on demand (according to the construction schedule). The supplier confirms whether the building materials can be delivered on the desired date.

Scheduling a delivery slot

When will we receive the materials

Suppliers schedule a delivery appointment. The delivery window for call-off of the order and each construction site's capacity for receipt are automatically taken into account. The construction site knows exactly when and where which building materials are going to be delivered.

Logistics capacity

Efficient use of logistics equipment

The requested and the available capacity of the logistics equipment are coordinated by means of a finite capacity schedule. This avoids peaks and troughs in the execution of logistics.

Route information

Route map, arrival time and CO2

Clear instructions are given as to how to reach the construction site. The route takes CO2-emissions and traffic congestion into account. Geofencing is available via the drivers App and delays can be reported.

Construction site logistics

Efficient handling of incoming goods

The driver can register. The safety instructions are displayed. Receipt of the building materials is recorded via the App. and any defects are identified and communicated to the supplier immediately.

Logistics Hub

Buffer site for the building materials delivered

The hub serves as a storage site for building materials and a decoupling point for transport. Suppliers (often) deliver building materials to the Logistics HUB (in batches). The materials are stored and then delivered to the construction site (often at item level).


Automatic invoicing for building materials received

The invoices are based on the materials actually received, services, and declarations of performance (3-way match). The invoices are automatically generated by the portal (self-billing) and forwarded to the financial application.

Reports and dashboards

KPI information

Presentation of transport streams to building sites, of CO2-emissions, of which building materials were delivered when are where and for which construction project.

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