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Coordinating purchase orders with suppliers

Structured communications about purchase orders
The portal presents the purchase orders to suppliers. The supplier indicates whether the orders can be fulfilled and the delivery date, quantities and quality can be coordinated.

Management by exception
Changes and deviations on purchase orders are clearly tracked.
There is also a clear summary of the status of purchase orders. The portal monitors progress and issues alerts in the event of deviations or problems with progress.

One version of the truth
All the chain parties involved have access to the same information about the status, progress and any deviations on purchase orders.

Inbound Logistics

Control tower for inbound shipments

Suppliers and carriers can enter or interface shipments. The Portal gives a realtime overview of progress and of the status of inbound shipments. For every mode of transport (road, sea, air and rail) and all flow types.

Management by exception
Track and trace. The portal monitors departure and arrival times and issues alerts in the event of any problems with progress.

Online shipment information
The contents of each shipment are visible in the portal. The transport documents are digitised. The supplier is notified of the outcome of receipt of the goods.


Scheduling of time slots for DC receipt

Scheduling via the internet
Suppliers and carriers can schedule slot bookings for unloading (and loading) of shipments with logistics operations via the portal.

Balancing peaks and troughs
Logistics operations are automatically scheduled as efficiently as possible thanks to smart time and capacity planning. This prevents peaks in logistics operations.

Information for logistics
The portal gives a clear picture of which shipments are received when and where, and of suppliers' punctuality of delivery.

Yard management

Traffic management at the DC site

Arrival registration
The driver can register via a registration screen, a QR code, the drivers App, geofencing, or license plate scanning. Barriers, swing gates, weighbridges are controlled.

Dock allocation
The driver is automatically sent to the right dock or parking bay. Drop & pick-up movements can be directed and tracked via the dispatcher App.

Arrival and departure times are automatically recorded and there is an overview of trucks and containers onsite.

DC Capacity planning

Resolving bottlenecks in scheduling

Capacity planning by process
Coordinating the required DC capacity with the available DC capacity by flow type (inbound, outbound), by process and by zone.

Capacity planning over time
There is capacity planning for both the long, medium and short term. The schedules are supplemented with forecasts and / or orders (from external systems).

Bottlenecks in capacity planning
The portal identifies and analyses unfeasibilities in the DC schedules and offers insightful support for resolving bottlenecks.


Automatic invoicing for goods received

3-way match
The invoices are based on the goods procured, despatched, and actually received. This means it is no longer necessary to check invoices.

The portal automatically generates the invoices. All invoices are in the same format and are automatically forwarded to the financial application.

Outbound Logistics

Control tower for outbound shipments

Carrier selection
Shipments are offered to the appropriate carriers and a loading appointment is scheduled in accordance with business rules.

Informing clients and delivery addresses
The delivery adresses are informed of the contents of the shipments and the scheduled delivery time. Progress of the shipment is monitored via the drivers App. Delivery addresses are informed in the event of delays.

Documenting of goods transfer
Transport documentation is digitised (e-cmr, b/l), the transfer of goods is administered and any defects identified are recorded via the drivers App.

Inter-DC Logistics

Control tower for inter-DC shipments

Inter-DC traffic
Transit, overflow and replenishment shipments between DCs are scheduled, composed and managed in the portal.

The portal gives a realtime overview of the progress and status of inter-DC shipments.

Management by exception
Departure and arrival times are monitored and any problems with progress are logged immediately.

Reverse Logistics

Control tower for return streams

Registration of returns
Consumers can register returns via the internet or instore.

The portal directs and monitors return streams to logistics operations, suppliers, repairers, or buyers. The transport documents are digitised. The contents of each shipment are visible. The result of every step in the process is recorded via statuses.

Management by exception
Lead times are monitored and alerts are issued in the event of problems with progress.

Order and delivery schedules

Flexibility of ordering and delivery schedules

Diagramatic overview
The schedule is presented clearly and in colour.

Easy to amend
Structural and incidental changes, such as for holidays or emergencies, can easily be entered. Changes can be entered by country (Spain), by region (Catalonia), by sub-set (carnival), by store, by DC, and by transport/transit region.

Automatic recalculation
After a change, the order dates, collection dates, loading dates, journey dates and delivery dates are rearranged according to business rules.

Construction industry Logistics

Efficient logistics to and at the construction site

Calling off building materials on demand
Contractors can call off building materials from suppliers on demand. The supplier can confirm the order and schedule a delivery appointment with the construction site.

Responsible transport to the construction site
The portal presents route information for the delivery appointment at the construction site, taking into account traffic jams, traffic congestion, and CO2-emissions.

Efficient logistics at the construction site
Receipt of building materials at the construction site and use of logistics resources at the construction site (cranes, etc.) are scheduled and managed.


Data, Reporting & Dashboards

Supplier performance

Emission (CO2) registration

Big Data, A.I.




Exports Data Warehouse

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